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    Founded in 2002, Ingenuity Consulting is a business and technology consulting company that is focused on helping businesses to identify and implement the best possible information technology solutions. These solutions boost the overall performance and profitability of our customers.  Our core strength is helping organizations develop and implement IT strategies that directly impact their bottom line.

    Our expertise includes: software development and application integration specifically with customer facing web and mobile applications. We are industry thought leaders in Infrastructure and IT Operations; primarily focusing on Data Management, IT Security & Data Center Optimization.


    We invest in developing industry leaders  who have the skills to ensure our clients can both succeed in today’s ever changing landscape and address the challenges of tomorrow.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our Purpose…Our Mission…Our Value


    Our purpose is to Listen. Listen to our peers.  Listen to our customers. Listen to our vendors.  Listen to industry leaders. Listen to the ever changing world around us.


    Our mission is to Learn. Learn what makes our people happy and proud to be a part of Ingenuity Consulting. Learn what drives our client’s success and makes them prosperous. Learn which products and services are best for our customers and why. Learn how the best of the best run their business and emulate those practices. Learn how to adapt with agility to the constant changes of business today.

    Our value proposition is to Give back. Give back to those who dedicate themselves to Ingenuity’s philosophies and work to provide outstanding service. Give back to our clients by sharing lessons learned from industry thought leaders, service providers and our team of seasoned business consultants. Give back to the world with our charitable giving of time, money and people.

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